We are always looking for motivated and talented students from Statistics, Biology, Computer Science, Bioinformatics, or similar fields. Contact Nancy if you are interested, please include your CV and brief research statement.

Yuntian Fu, PhD Student (GCB)

Paul Hess, Postdoc

Sijia Huang, Bioinformatician (IBI)

Kevin Lin, Postdoc

Kaishu Mason, PhD Student (Statistics)

Chi-Yun Wu, PhD Student (GCB)

Jane Zhang, PhD Student (Statistics)


Name Year of Departure Position in Lab Position after Lab
Divyansh Agarwal 2020 MD-PhD Student (GCB) Resident, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School
Zilu Zhou 2020 PhD Student (GCB) Data Scientist, Google
Mo Huang 2020 PhD Student (STAT) Senior Scientist, Merck Pharmaceuticals
Jingshu Wang 2019 Postdoc Assistant Professor, Univ. of Chicago Dept. of Statistics
Xuran Wang 2019 PhD Student (AMCS) Postdoc, Carnegie Mellow Dept. of Statistics
Charlie Li Xia 2017 Postdoc (Joint w/ Hanlee Ji) Assistant Professor, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Yuchao Jiang 2017 PhD Student (GCB) Assistant Professor, Depts. of Genetics and Biostatistics, Univ. of North Carolina
Hao Chen 2014 PhD Student (Stanford STAT) Assistant Professor, Dept. of Statistics, Univ. of California Davis
Jeremy Shen 2012 PhD Student (Stanford STAT) Two Sigma Investments
Yunting Sun 2012 PhD Student (Stanford STAT) Senior Scientist, Google Inc.